Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Episode 004: Bree Bree!

Episode 004.  We didn't get everything in that we wanted to (had a slew of topics suggested) but we'll try for next time.  (Also, sorry about the audio quality -- it really gets bad in a couple places. I really need to get better equipment.)

Show Notes:
  • McDeviltoast doesn't text.
  • The story behind the theme song.  
  • WARM98 cubicle lady. 
  • Don't scare the kids.
  • BreeGirl example of bree. More examples.
  • McDeviltoast Endurance Test:

  • Also crabcore (listen here). Fear Factory. Faith No Man.
  • Groan moments in film: twist, street-street, and EKG.
  • Bad job applications: Dankin Dunars, prostitution, face past.  Also PECSI.
  • Fears, including: Melted chocolate, public bathrooms, lotion.  Dislikes, too, including cucumbers and Taco Bell.
  • Hot salsa on a burrito.
  • McDeviltoast & Damon's trip to Dogfish Head Brewery.
  • McDeviltoast is not a laowai.  Montana used to work with racists.  McDeviltoast used to work with redneck telemarketers.  Montana used to work with killers.  McDeviltoast used to work with many Rays.
  • Grand Buffet is awesome.  Montana loves A Night of Laughin' Volume 1.

Also, for no good reason:

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