Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Episode 008: Perhaps the Last of the Mic Issues

Episode 8 is finally here!

  • Montana and McDeviltoast start the show.  Windows does weird things with the audio.
  • McDeviltoast tells the tale of jury duty this week.  Also: mamacita, "tooks it", Edward G. Robinson.
  • McDeviltoast saw Kick-AssEbert didn't like it.  Also: Shock Cinema on the podcast, The Human Centipede (yes, again).
  • Montana saw Crispin Hellion Glover's newest film, It Is Fine! EVERYTHING IS FINE., and also saw Glover read from eight of his books, including Rat-Catching and Concrete Inspection. Skype (or Windows) does more weird things with Montana's mic levels.  They take a moment to fix things then they're back.
    • Note: Montana liked the film a lot.  The section where Montana mentions this was cut, likely due to the pervasive microphone issues.
Crispin Glover and DJ Empirical
Crispin Glover and Montana
  • Montana starts again on It Is Fine!... and Crispin Glover's book reading.  McDeviltoast reveals a forthcoming package for Montana.
  • McDeviltoast Endurance Test: Lady Gaga's "Just Dance", as performed by Nichole337:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Episode 007: Cyborgs and Meatmen

Episode 7 is here!  More microphone weirdness ensued, but Montana got a microphone powerup partway through.  Yay!

  • Montana and McDeviltoast sign off.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Episode 006: B.S. Awareness Week

Episode 6!  Crazy!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Episode 005: Short But Not Shorter Than the World Average

Ep 5.
We were trying to record a shorter show this week, since neither of us had a lot of time, but "short" translated to "shorter than the last couple episodes but still not short".

That's ok, I guess.

The background music this week is noisy stuff, since my dying soundcard on my skype PC was crackling a LOT.  Next week I'll move to the better one.

Topics of discussion:

  • Dung Chant's 18th anniversary was this past weekend. It could vote or buy porn.  But no one does that.  Is porn pirated more than music?
  • Montana mentions a discussion about the average size penis, and relates a lesson learned about googling things like that at work.
  • McDeviltoast wonders why boners are fobidden in films, and wonders how society might be different if that weren't the case. (mentioned: Sex and Lucia, Antichrist, Poison, Bad Lieutenant, The Piano, NYPD Blue, "It Hits the Fan")
  • Montana and McDeviltoast clumsily close the show.