Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Episode 016: Pans Have Been Handled

Here's episode 16. Power of two!
  • Montana and McDeviltoast open the show.  Montana and McDeviltoast discuss listeners.
  • McDeviltoast notes that summer has started.  McDeviltoast went to King's Dominion, so there is some discussion of the rides, and McDeviltoast compares some to Kings Island, and then talks about some of the kinds of park-goers. (mentioned: Three Men and a Baby David Lynch Cut)
  • McDeviltoast's last prediction came true!
  • McDeviltoast discusses more of the Clifton panhandlers.  Montana wonders whether there's a website that collects street personalities in different cities.  (mentioned: Bogart's, Streetvibes)
  • Montana recalls an observation that often a rock musician's best songs come from being less experienced playing their instrument.
  • Montana relates an anecdote about seeing Gwar and getting stranded in the ghetto of Indianapolis. (mentioned: mohawk, AutoZone)
  • McDeviltoast Endurance Test: Harvey Sid Fisher's astrology song samples

  • Montana and McDeviltoast end the show.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bonus Episode: "Trebuchet" by George Hrab

As a bonus episode, we present to you Trebuchet,  the new album by George Hrab.

We Are Not Delicious would not exist were it not due to a few excellent podcasts, one of which is George Hrab's Geologic Podcast.  We (mainly Montana; McDeviltoast is a new fan) could go on for days, but rather than do that, we'll just link in a few resources below, ask you to listen to the album, and encourage you to pick it up.

Thanks  for listening, and of course, many thanks  to Geo for all the entertainment, past and future.

A couple things to check out:

With special appearances by Phil Plait, Peter Gregson,
Slau, and The Skeptical Shoe Horns.
  1. God is Not Great
  2. Everything Alive Will Die Someday
  3. Ms.Information
  4. Fifty Stories
  5. FAR
  6. Remora
  7. Sviatoslav Lobster
  8. When I Was Your Age
  9. Trebuchet
  10. Atlanta
  11. Death From The Skies
  12. Never Knew
  13. Hai Yookito ‘Ya
  14. Where Have You Been?
  15. One Hypnopompic Jerk
  16. Small Comfort
  17. Happy Birthday Baby
All songs ©2010 Geologic Records/You Call That Music

    Wednesday, June 16, 2010

    Episode 015: A Vodka-Soaked Tampon in Your Hearing Holes

    Episode 15.  A day earlier than expected!  (In the episode Montana mentions Thursday but this is totally posted on Wednesday!)

    • McDeviltoast reminds Montana about Nannerpuss.
    • Montana mentions an iTunes review that said the show is like "horseradish for your ears".

    Thursday, June 10, 2010

    Episode 014: He's a Cool Dude

    Episode 14.  Background music: Scirk08, by Kyle Cannon.

    • Montana and McDeviltoast close the show.

    Thursday, June 3, 2010

    Episode 013: One Fiscal Quarter

    Another week, another episode.

    • Montana and McDeviltoast close the show.