Friday, May 20, 2011

Season 2, Episode 06: Montana & McDeviltoast Read Wikipedia to You... Again

 People, it's Season 2 Episode 6

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Season 2, Episode 05: "This Episode Is Gonna Be Unlistenable...."

Season 2 Episode 5 had not a few technical issues. I left a bit in at the beginning, mainly because it's funny, after the fact (not during, though).

  • First episode in a couple months. Sorry for the delay!
  • This episode is brought to you by Yuengling (McDeviltoast) and Rivertown Hop Bomber.
  • McDeviltoast has a new beer coming out soon. Help him name it. Also there are a lot of beers with "hop" in the name.
  • McDeviltoast saw Your Highness. Also, Soul Surfer is a terrible name for a film.
  • Montana went to India volunteering on a clinic with OneSight.
  • Montana and McDeviltoast mention movies and tv they've seen recently. (Minor spoilers for Catfish).
  • McDeviltoast Endurance Test: "Scat/Rap Counterpoint"
  • Montana recommends Write More Good, by @FakeAPStylebook.
  • We close the show.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Bonus: Not Delicious on Bubbles in the Think Tank

Bonus Episode: Appearance on Bubbles in the Think Tank.

The two of us (Montana and McDeviltoast) appeared on the long-running local radio show Bubbles in the Think Tank. Their show runs toward the silly, which, frankly, is right up our alley. They were kind enough to let us share this episode of their show.

The first hour is a selection of tunes, chosen by Montana, that are cover songs translated from the original. The second hour of the show is always a Mad Lib, filled in by callers to the show.

Be sure to visit their site and check out their prior episodes.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Season 2, Episode 04: Ankylosaurus Hat

Season 2, Episode 4

  • End of the show

Monday, December 20, 2010

Season 2, Episode 03: Easter Bunny Throwing Sh*t Out of a Helicopter

Season 2 continues with episode 3!

Things and stuff:
  • McDeviltoast had visitors and they did karaoke. They saw Black Swan.
  • This is Jeff Bridges month. Too bad his appearance on SNL sucked. McDeviltoast talks about True Grit some more, and Montana mentions a few films he saw in the drive-in, including Yor (trailer) and Krull. Montana remembers his shark-tooth necklace. McDeviltoast relates his memories, including Blue Thunder. A deja vu conversation about Riptide occurs.  McDeviltoast recommends The A-Team.
  • McDeviltoast doesn't like commercial disclaimers.
  • Montana recommends The Walking Dead.
    • The Green Hornet is coming out soon. Christoph Waltz is awesome. McDeviltoast relates a Stephen Chow anecdote, and Montana relates a similar anecdote about a Bollywood tune. Montana also mentions, which he enjoys.
    • McDeviltoast recommends Heat, not Heat or Heat (or Heat). He wonders about the point where an actor switches from looking young to looking old.
    • McDeviltoast Endurance Test: the classic "Aisha"
    • We close the show.

      Wednesday, December 8, 2010

      Season 2, Episode 02: Montana and McDeviltoast Read Wikipedia to You

      Season 2 continues with episode 2!

      Things and stuff:
      • This episode brought to you by Kingfisher (McDeviltoast) and water (Montana).
      • McDeviltoast is winning sports bets. Some discussion ensues, wending its way to Inception and Battleship.
      • Leslie Nielsen and Dino De Laurentiis passed away. 
      • Montana watched Monty Python: Almost the Truth. He goes on about it for a while, including reading wikipedia.
      • McDeviltoast wonders about the effect of something losing its charm due to everyone being in on the joke. The discussion turns toward musicians of note becoming studio musicians. 
      • McDeviltoast had a hellish work day. They discuss cost of merchandise calculations.
      • Irvin Kershner died. He directed Robocop 2. Montana lives with a dog. Montana tells McDeviltoast about Dexter. McDeviltoast mentions the sequel to Trainspotting, and talks about Boyle's other films. Upon discussing 127 Hours, McDeviltoast recounts a harrowing and somewhat similar experience. 
      • Also, Sting sucks. But not when he's with Eberhard Schoener. And Billy Joel didn't suck when he was in Attila
      • Y Kant Tori Read brings up discussion of how accessible music is today, and how much is the most they've spent on a single cd, and Best Buy used to be a good place to buy music. 
      • McDeviltoast knows a lot about Queen. Some Nine Inch Nails discussion. Montana gets the halos out of order. McDeviltoast reminisces about tv, and discovers that Tater Tomater is on youtube. Montana discusses a film collector friend.
      • McDeviltoast Endurance Test: "Scream", by Sky Smith

        Monday, November 22, 2010

        Season 2, Episode 01: Clowns and RVs

        Season 2 is here, with Episode 01!

        Things and stuff:
          • End of the show.