Thursday, May 20, 2010

Episode 011: Not Delicious After Dark*

Since McDeviltoast was in town, we decided to do a very rare in-person We Are Not Delicious, with a small studio** audience.  Thanks to those in attendance: Miss Green, Crimefighter, Chizzo fo Rizzo, Elle Crash, KP, and of course January Fairy.

All of the people here are good friends of ours; as such, the conversation devolves a bit into nostalgia at times.  You'll survive.  :)
  • Montana and McDeviltoast open the show and introduce the ne'er-do-wells and hangers-on.  They find out the number of languages in which they know the word "dick".  It becomes obvious that many adult beverages were consumed.  
  • McDeviltoast describes the adventures of the evening, including a pig head.  (mentioned: Arcade Legends, Jungle Jims, Rastan, Twin Peaks)
McDeviltoast and a pig head

    • Montana and McDeviltoast close the show.

    (*) Apologies to /Filmcast After Dark
    (**) January Fairy's living room

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