Thursday, May 13, 2010

Episode 010: Technically Detailed Espionage and Military Science Storylines

Episode 10...  double digits!

  • McDeviltoast and Montana welcome you, though Montana is interrupted by a text message.
  • Montana and McDeviltoast discuss Iron Man 2.  (mentioned: Iron Man, Whiplash, Crimson Dynamo, Fin Fang Foom, Star Trek: Nemesis, Rambo, District 9)
  • Montana discusses Oldboy. (mentioned: Repo Men)
  • Montana and McDeviltoast explain the origins of "Upsell" by Heterobot/SMRT.
  • Montana and McDeviltoast field a fan question: What was the first music you bought with your own money.  Topics meander to mashup band names (like Slayicidal Pantallikorn) and an ultimate mashup film title (Batman: Mask of the Phantasmagoriall the President's Men in Blacula), and punny guitarist/beer names.  (mentioned: Plunderphonic [note download link on destination])
  • McDeviltoast got another interesting application name at his workplace.  McDeviltoast makes a prediction. (Not a major one, but it's an excuse to use the new McDeviltoast Predictions theme music.)  McDeviltoast discusses names in general and Mohammad specifically.  
  • McDeviltoast reminds Montana that someone was killed in the Philippines for singing "My Way", and that reminds Montana and McDeviltoast of Shirley's.  Nostalgia ensues. (mentioned: Steel Reserve)
  • Montana and McDeviltoast talk about the "Wooly Fazeem", a drink made up by a friend and named after poorly transcribed karaoke lyrics.  This reminds Montana of examples of lyrics and other things about songs that seem weird and out of the blue. (mentioned "Somebody's Watching Me", Waaktaar, "We Became the Night Hairwise", Montana's old coworker "Cheryl", Total Recall, Austrian Death Machine)
  • Montana remembers Emergency Broadcast Network, which has a sample of Harrison Ford in their song "Get Down".  Montana and McDeviltoast discuss the dearth of good Harrison Ford 90s films.  Also the picture in Ford's wiki looks terrible. Montana misreads Tom Clancy's influences. (mentioned: all those shitty Harrison Ford movies, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Forbidden Zone)
  • McDeviltoast Endurance Test: "We Built Sioux City"

  • Montana and McDeviltoast discuss "We Built This City", the source of the endurance test.
  • Montana and McDeviltoast close the show.

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