Monday, December 20, 2010

Season 2, Episode 03: Easter Bunny Throwing Sh*t Out of a Helicopter

Season 2 continues with episode 3!

Things and stuff:
  • McDeviltoast had visitors and they did karaoke. They saw Black Swan.
  • This is Jeff Bridges month. Too bad his appearance on SNL sucked. McDeviltoast talks about True Grit some more, and Montana mentions a few films he saw in the drive-in, including Yor (trailer) and Krull. Montana remembers his shark-tooth necklace. McDeviltoast relates his memories, including Blue Thunder. A deja vu conversation about Riptide occurs.  McDeviltoast recommends The A-Team.
  • McDeviltoast doesn't like commercial disclaimers.
  • Montana recommends The Walking Dead.
    • The Green Hornet is coming out soon. Christoph Waltz is awesome. McDeviltoast relates a Stephen Chow anecdote, and Montana relates a similar anecdote about a Bollywood tune. Montana also mentions, which he enjoys.
    • McDeviltoast recommends Heat, not Heat or Heat (or Heat). He wonders about the point where an actor switches from looking young to looking old.
    • McDeviltoast Endurance Test: the classic "Aisha"
    • We close the show.

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      1. Did you know that my old band wrote a song about Yor? It is still on our MySpace page... We even showed the film at our cd release party.